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Kimberly Onile, CPM, JD, BA

My journey to midwifery began as a breastfeeding peer counselor. I’d nurse my baby while talking with other nursing mothers about the challenges and successes of breastfeeding. From there, I decided to keep my toe in the birth world until the time was right. I later became a doula, and then during my last pregnancy I was offered a midwifery apprenticeship which I accepted immediately. My son was 4 months old when I began attending births with my preceptor. I was hooked! 

Over the course of my educational career which includes a Bachelors in Sociology and a Juris Doctorate, I completed my midwifery clinical hours in July 2020 and passed NARM’s Midwifery Certification Exam in March 2021. 

Practice Philosophy

There are a few fundamental principles underlying my practice philosophy. First, I trust our bodies to do what they are designed to do. From the moment we were created as eggs inside the fetus that would grow to be our mother, inside the womb of our grandmother, we knew how to grow, develop, and give birth. We inherited this instinctual knowledge from every woman who ever existed before us. This is where we start. Holding space for our bodies to behave normally as designed from the beginning. 

Next, informed consent is required at every step of your pregnancy care. Every action taken as your midwife will come with discussion of the risks and benefits, and time for you to consider where it fits with your personal and family values. We are on the same team, sharing information, gathering information, and co-creating your care plan. 

Finally, my ultimate goal is to reach the finish line with a healthy mom and healthy baby. Home birth is safe when mother and baby are low risk and normal. If the circumstances change and either mom or baby become high risk, it is safest to switch to birthing in the hospital. An empowered birth can absolutely happen anywhere. Location of birth is so much less important when the health and well being of mom and baby are a concern. 

-Midwife Kim

mother and baby midwife homebirth midwifery black midwife